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Mailigen affiliate program

Use DirectLink with Mailigen’s Affiliate Marketing Campaigns

When performing affiliate email marketing campaigns for Mailigen, make use of DirectLink tracking! DirectLink is one of the most effective and advanced tracking tools in affiliate marketing, allowing you to link directly to a website without any additional parameters in the URL. What is DirectLink and how does it work? In affiliate marketing, we usually […]

Affiliate Marketinga and Social Media

Mixing Affiliate Marketing with Social Media

You know social can be a powerful tool to assist with your affiliate marketing program but social media works best when integrated with other marketing programs. It can make your life a little easier by increasing your presence on the web and converting lookers into buyers. The top social media referral sites include Facebook, Twitter, […]

Mailigen affiliate program

Managing and Delivering Your Advertising

Advertising for Mailigen on your site is easy. Here are some of the resources available to you! Banner Ads and Icons You can use banner ads, icons, and more all with your unique affiliate link. Those web users who come to Mailigen through your site are tracked and if they end up purchasing, you get […]

Affiliate marketing

Earn Money from Your Content

As part of the Mailigen affiliate program, you can earn extra cash from the content you already create on your website. It is easy to sign up and you gain the advantage of having a reputable email marketing company on your site. One way to retain traffic on your site while installing a call to […]


Best Practices in Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can increase your customer base and improve your online business presence. But entering the affiliate marketing realm for the first time can feel like hard work and it takes time to navigate. If you know the best practices, you can be sure that your Mailigen ad will attract the most traffic. Best Practice […]


How to Make the Most of Your Mailigen Affiliate Relationship

Working as an affiliate takes more than placing an ad on your website and hoping someone clicks on it. Affiliate marketing has evolved with technology and more sophisticated marketing strategies. It’s important to research and make sure you know how to attract customers. These steps will help you on your journey as an affiliate to […]


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