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The most important email optimization elements

Marketers know there is no one formula for an ideal email marketing campaign. The secret to success is testing and optimizing emails. In-depth analysis of previous results and well-considered changes in email elements can significantly boost your email marketing ROI. Marketing research firm MarketingSherpa has published marketing research chart on top email campaign elements routinely […]


Analyzing email marketing campaign results

If you’ve already sent an email marketing campaign, chances are that you are at least familiar with the process of email campaign tracking, and have analyzed the statistics you got from your campaign. However, the analysis of acquired data doesn’t stop with open rates or the average clickthrough rate.


Email marketing Landing Pages

Email landing pages are particularly attractive to email marketers, because you can, sometimes explicitly, tell the user what to do and what you expect of him.


Tips for a Better Email Call to Action

Emails are nothing without a call to action. Simply put, they have no real purpose without a call to action. The “action” you want the user to take, can vary. However, if you’re serious about your business, the place where each email ultimately leads to is a landing page.


Optimize your email campaign to increase respond rates

E-mail campaign optimization isn’t merely a thing you do. It’s, well, more like a separate science. In order to optimize an e-mail campaign, you don’t have to learn much — you just have to understand what you can work with and use it. And once you understand, you’ll have an entirely new world to explore.


Testing Email Elements to Improve Campaign Effectiveness

In the series of charts about email marketing, this week we are looking at different elements of emails that are tested the most. Over 1,400 industry marketers have provided their input to identify which email elements they are or will be testing, in order to improve the effectiveness of their email marketing campaigns. As we […]


Email Newsletter Response Rates

In the chart below you can see how B2B email newsletters perform against B2C newsletters in open rates, click-through rates and conversion rates. Almost 1,500 marketers have provided their input in determining the numbers below, and they found that email newsletters usually contain more links to information and offers than non-newsletter emails. Because of this […]


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