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Start Your Engines – 2011 Holiday Email

Have you started planning your holiday marketing campaigns? Some researchers believe the 2011 email marketing holiday season will be bigger than last year as online sales continue to grow year over year. During the holidays buyers are bombarded with messages, so get started planning your strategies for the hectic holiday season. Here are some tips […]


Email Marketing for Group Buying Websites

For group buying or daily deal sites, email marketing is an irreplaceable relationship channel between your business and audience. The unique business model for daily deal sites requires publishing and sharing new content every day. The rapid pace of this emerging channel requires marketers plan for a rapid pace run with efficiencies that enable a reasonable price.


E-mail open rate ABC

The open rate is the average of opened emails divided by the delivered sent emails. The average email open rate is the number of opened e-mails divided by the number of delivered e-mails.


Online Surveys for email marketing campaigns

Online surveys incorporated in e-mail marketing software create both new opportunities and advantages against competitors, because, by sending carefully planned surveys, you can acquire valuable information about your existing clients.


Analyzing email marketing campaign results

If you’ve already sent an email marketing campaign, chances are that you are at least familiar with the process of email campaign tracking, and have analyzed the statistics you got from your campaign. However, the analysis of acquired data doesn’t stop with open rates or the average clickthrough rate.


Email marketing Landing Pages

Email landing pages are particularly attractive to email marketers, because you can, sometimes explicitly, tell the user what to do and what you expect of him.


Tips for a Better Email Call to Action

Emails are nothing without a call to action. Simply put, they have no real purpose without a call to action. The “action” you want the user to take, can vary. However, if you’re serious about your business, the place where each email ultimately leads to is a landing page.


Optimize your email campaign to increase respond rates

E-mail campaign optimization isn’t merely a thing you do. It’s, well, more like a separate science. In order to optimize an e-mail campaign, you don’t have to learn much — you just have to understand what you can work with and use it. And once you understand, you’ll have an entirely new world to explore.


Composing Email From Names and Subject Lines

You can send valuable newsletters that interest your subscribers, but you have to compose an e-mail that the readers will actually read. That’s why there are certain guidelines to follow when you’re sending out email to your customers, and the “from” and “subject” lines are the most important; you have to make them as effective […]


Creating email marketing campaigns (part 1)

When you have chosen your potential clients, created a list of addressees and have combined it all together with your message – you are ready to start the sending. There are several message delivery options: 1. In case your list of addressees is a short one, and you don’t need any advanced tools of analysis […]


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