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7 Tips for Saving Time With Email Marketing Automation

I love saving time, and automation is a great way to do just that. Recently, I attended an Entrepreneur’s Conference and one of the speakers talked about how he bootstrapped his business with no outside investment. One of the key points he hammered on – automate as much of the work as you possibly can. […]


Mailigen Presents Unique Platform at CeBIT 2012 and Increases Customer Base

Participating in CeBIT 2012 for the first time, Mailigen reached a milestone within the first few days of exhibition obtaining numerous new prospects fromEurope. CeBIT 2012 was held in Hanover, Germany from March 6th to 10th. CeBIT is the digital industry’s biggest and most international event, bringing together several thousands of companies from all around […]


Meet the Mailigen Team!

There are many reasons why March is considered one of the most magical months in the year. The spring brings warmth and brightness into the frozen world. People open their hearts and minds for new beginnings and creative ideas. Some years ago in the spring, a spark of an idea took off and shaped a […]


Top 5 Tactics to Grow Your Email Lists

Growing your email list is the first step of email marketing. But sometimes when we’ve been emailing for a while, we forget about the basics of great list building. Often we start to focus only on opens, clicks, and conversions. So from time to time it’s good to step back and make sure your email […]


Mailigen Increasing its Stake in Europe by Participating in CeBIT 2012

Mailigen announces its first participation in CeBIT. Taking place in Hannover, Germany from March 6th to March 10th, CeBIT 2012 is the digital industry’s biggest and most international event. Within digital industry companies, email marketing will be represented only by a few companies presenting to the international audience regarding the technology and strategy of the […]


The Stark Truth about Email Marketing: Exiled Englishman Mark Brownlow Reveals All

If you follow email marketing trends, tips and industry experts, you should know Mark Brownlow from Email Marketing Reports. He’s a freelance business writer and lecturer and one of the brightest email marketing experts ever. The author of the blog with an interesting title “No man is an iland” because of his willingness to share […]


Mailigen Affiliate Program Ranks First for Email Service Providers

Mailigen’s affiliate program now ranks 1st out of all other email service providers and in the top 100 out of 3,439 affiliate programs run by Commission Junction the global leader in affiliate program management. Over the last three months, Mailigen has held an overall ranking from Commission Junction of first out of eleven total ESP […]


SMS Marketing Campaign Development

Have you already switched to a new email marketing strategy? Is your strategy more dynamic, more targeted, more mobile? If you haven’t, make room in your 2012 marketing plan for SMS marketing campaigns. With the launch of our new Mailigen SMS feature, marketers can synch their email and SMS lists together to build one common […]


Mailigen Ranks in the Top Five of TopSEOS Email Marketing Service Providers

Once again, Mailigen continues to prove their feature rich and easy to use email marketing tool ranks highly when compared to the competition. Earning a top five placement in TopSEOS reviews of email marketing service providers, Mailigen’s new ranking represents a significant milestone for this European based email marketing service provider. The ranking is indicative […]


Email Marketing Trends 2012 – The Year of The Dragon

Symbolizing dominance and ambition, the Dragon is considered the mightiest of the signs in the Chinese Zodiac. Dragons live by their own rules and are usually successful due to their drive, ability to face challenges and willingness to take risks. Passionate and enthusiastic, dragons prefer to lead and in their professional lives express creativity, inventiveness […]

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