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SMS marketing

5 Reasons SMS Marketing Is Worth It

When everybody is talking about smartpones, applications and mobile internet, it may seem that SMS marketing is somewhat secondary. But actually, rise of smartpones stimulates the usage and reach with mobile devices. If people spend more time on mobile devices browsing internet, social networking, reading emails and other activities, it means they are also more […]

Social networking and chat concept

3 Ways to Drive Results with Email + SMS

Text messaging is a direct marketing channel with extremely high open rates and ROI. According to a Placecast survey, released in May 2012, 1 in 4 or 26% of those who signed up for text messages admit the received information has led them to purchase a promoted product. While not a staggering number, that’s 26% […]

Scott Hardigree

Playing Nine Questions with Email Marketing Expert Scott Hardigree

In our ongoing series checking in with email marketing experts blazing new trails, we had the opportunity to chat with Scott Hardigree*. Scott is the CEO of the email marketing agency Indiemark, a company founded by email marketing veterans dedicated to building on insights and passion for email marketing. Scott was so insightful and candid, […]


QR Codes and Mobile Email Must Haves

While having a lazy afternoon walk in a shopping mall, my eyes were caught by a new artist exhibition. Visitors were able to vote for their favorite pieces of art using QR codes. I took the opportunity and scanned the QR code of my favorite work with my smartphone. To confirm my vote, I had […]


SMS Marketing Campaign Development

Have you already switched to a new email marketing strategy? Is your strategy more dynamic, more targeted, more mobile? If you haven’t, make room in your 2012 marketing plan for SMS marketing campaigns. With the launch of our new Mailigen SMS feature, marketers can synch their email and SMS lists together to build one common […]


Brand New Mailigen SMS Marketing Features!

Over the past year we have been hard at work building more comprehensive email marketing solutions for our customers. We are ready to unveil one of our most exciting new features – integrated SMS marketing! Bound with email marketing, SMS will deliver more timely and targeted messages, helping you boost engagement. Almost everyone has an […]


SMS List Building

Calling all marketers! It’s time to switch to a fresh strategy! Year 2012 could be named the year of mobile marketing revolution. Email, mobile and SMS marketing are developing in tandem, so we want to help you get started leveraging these tools as soon as possible. Recently we launched the Mailigen SMS feature that allows […]


Will SMS Saturate Your Target Market?

The way we interact and share information is changing rapidly, with mobile technology leading the way. So, the way we market must also change rapidly with more tools for reaching a mobile audience. It’s no secret traditional advertising has been undergoing a shift from offline and mobile advertising is quickly becoming the most effective way […]


Email Marketing Trends 2012 – The Year of The Dragon

Symbolizing dominance and ambition, the Dragon is considered the mightiest of the signs in the Chinese Zodiac. Dragons live by their own rules and are usually successful due to their drive, ability to face challenges and willingness to take risks. Passionate and enthusiastic, dragons prefer to lead and in their professional lives express creativity, inventiveness […]


Reading Email On The Go

The high increase of smartphones this year has caused surprising results in email viewership on mobile devices. Email open rates on mobile devices have grown by 34% compared with the previous six month period! The world’s leading email certification and reputation monitoring company, ReturnPath, released this compelling report just a few days ago. This is […]


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